Secret terraces in Gothic Quarter

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When you think of Barcelona I`m sure the image of having a drink on a sunny terrace it comes easily in mind. The truth is especially in the summer time is not easy to find a free spot, of course, on the most emblematic places like La Rambla it could be easy to find one, but if you are reading my blog I`m sure you are not that kind of traveler.
The truth is the city is full of options but if you`re looking for unique and original places I might have some suggestions. I thought of writing some posts of my favorite bars and terraces in the city so you can choose the one you prefer or visit all.

Bar Jardi

Gothic Quarter is full of secrets, and I`m not talking about its fascinating history, but about one of my favorite hidden spots Bar Jardi. The place is definitely a small oasis that you can find in the heart of the commercial area of Barcelona in Portaferrissa street. The place can be tricky to find but don’t worry if you find the small marketplace with the camel outside just in and on the end of it take the stairs and you will get there. Maybe the market will give you the sensation that you´re suddenly in another place but remember this city is full of surprises.


Barcelona Alternative Tourism
Bar Jardi


The bar offers drinks and food in a relaxing and bohemian atmosphere all year and it opens from 11 Am To 9 PM. Is full a vegetation, and don´t worry is not only for tourist a lot of locals like to spend the time there

While you `re visiting the place, please remember to respect the neighbors and act like a guest in someone´s courtyard!


Adress: Carrer de Portaferrissa 17, 08002, Gothic Quarter

Opening times: from 11 AM to 9 AM Monday to Sunday







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